Avanntive Consulting has been engaged in a number of recent projects in several industry sectors as outlined here:

Avanntive Consulting is currently advising the Government of Albania in relation to Trans Adriatic Pipeline « TAP » consisting in Financial Due Diligence, Assets transfer management, project transfer price and tax advisory


2011- Ongoing

Due-Diligence on all Enterprises which apply for the Guarantee resources and participation; Financial Business Planning,
Recommendation to the private commercial banks through the Due – Diligence for the standardizations of the /SME-s documentation and application procedures for loans.


Avanntive provided, tax advice in relation to a real estate company operations in Albania. Our assistance consisted in answering to questions and/or opinions on tax matters raised by the Company; Advise the Company about tax consequences associated with new or proposed legislation; Other ad hoc assistance with respect to tax matters presented to Avanntive by the Company.


Audit and report of financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS for the year ended 31 December 2014 and 2015 for one of the leading Greek company involved in a civil construction project in Albania. Audit included tests of transactions and of the existence, ownership and valuation of assets and liabilities as Avanntive considers necessary. Avanntive provided also Agreed Upon Procedures services.


Support to the Government of Albania for the negotiation and finalization of the tax aspects of Host Government Agreement with Trans Adriatic Pipeline, in light of OECD transfer pricing guidelines as well as Albanian fiscal laws and the specifics of the proposed transaction. Assistance in devising an appropriate domestic regulatory framework for the successful implementation and operation of TAP project, particularly in the following key areas: a) tax and fiscal policy;

  1. b) tax and fiscal procedures, negotiation of various tax matters, including but not limited to transfer pricing, income allocation, tax procedures, VAT application and more.


Preparation of a financial feasibility study of the contemplated of National Fuel marking and Tracing Project for a company specializing in marking and monitoring of hydrocarbons. Review of basic investment assumptions; Review of projections on the future operations of the project; Analysis of the fuel market and the key business drivers
Analysis of the technical assumptions for the amount of investments required assessing the project’s financial feasibility by means of a computed set of Sensitivity analysis to measure the impact of different value drivers on the project feasibility indicators