Compilation of IFRS and NASFinancial statements:
We provide technical assistance and methodological guidance in the preparation of your financial statements in conformity with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and / or Albanian National Accounting Standards (NAS). This process is tailored in a way that helps your in-house accountant learn from on-the-job training and to make use of the knowledge gained in the future.
Conversion from NAS to IFRS: Changing accounting standards is no small task. Avanntive understands the subtleties and pitfalls, and we help guide you through the process of adopting IFRS, converting financial statements from national standards to align your financial reports with your parent company’s reporting framework, or to comply with new regulatory requirements. We assess the impact implementing IFRS will have on aspects of your business and design an IFRS implementation plan to accommodate your specific needs and requirements, while providing the essential technical support needed to successfully make the transition.
Training on NAS and IFRS: Avanntive’s training courses respond to a growing need for training on IFRS, and particularly IFRS in SMEs, and Albanian NAS. Our training courses also serve as forums of accounting professionals where major accounting concerns can be raised and debated. Training modules are focused on the preparers of financial statements. They contain instructor lectures, group consideration of case studies, and a mock exam at the end of the training session, with presentation of a certificate upon successful course completion.
Advice on IFRS and NAS issues: We provide expert advice on IFRS and NAS treatment of areas of concern, whether a new transaction or an investment recently entered into or planned. Our advice is based on the specifics of your business issue, yet fully compliant with the relevant framework.



Tax advice: Avanntive offers tax structuring and restructuring of newly established or existing businesses, and assists with tax refund procedures, tax planning and efficiency, tax reviews, application of double taxation treaties, administrative appeal and court procedures, and tax due diligence.
Tax accounting: Our tax accounting services include preparation of journal vouchers, inputting entries into the accounting system, processing incoming supplier invoices, preparing and processing sales (fiscal) invoices, processing bank, cash and other transactions, and maintenance of the journal ledger, general ledger, and sub-ledgers.
Indirect and direct tax compliance: We prepare your company’s monthly, quarterly, and annual tax returns and submit them to relevant tax and labor authorities.
Fiscal representative: Avanntive can act as your VAT tax representative, handling registration, deregistration, tax filing, and ongoing support.
Payroll: Payroll can represent a major burden to your company. Avanntive can add value to your operation, enabling you to focus on your core business, by assuming your company’s payroll function. This would include preparing and submitting standard payroll reports to the tax authorities, filing monthly payroll-related tax returns, preparing and submitting employment-related documents to the labor office, handling new-hire and termination paperwork, and administering expatriate payroll functions.
Secretarial services: Avanntive can serve as your company’s secretariat, efficientlymaintaining correspondence with third parties on your behalf.



Business plans: Our team can assistyou build business plans for purposes of accessing credit facilities, focusing your business’s mission, or other business objectives, based on forecasts of the financial effects of a new business or restructuring of existing business.We help identify key indicators for a variety of performance scenarios.
Business valuation: We can assist you to build up business models based on forecasts of the financial effects of a business restructuring and determine a range of valueof your business.
Financial due diligence: Avanntive can assist youin performing financial due diligence, whether for acquisition or for vendors. Our financial due diligence involves gaining an understanding of the target company, identifying key value drivers and key risks, analyzing and presenting findings for the decision makers, and organizing and managing a data room for interested investors.
Feasibility studies: Avanntive can bring our expertise to bear on conduct of feasibility studies for purposes of accessing credit facilities or attracting investors based on forecasts of the financial effects of a new business or restructuring of existing business, and determining key performance indicators for a variety of performance scenarios.